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Responding to the COVID-19 recovery: building organisational development capacity in local government

The LGA and North West Employers are working together to discover the organisational development (OD) and cultural change needs of local government organisations so they can develop guidance and a support offer in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

To develop the guidance we will:

  • work with a number of leading practitioners and academics in this field to identify effective solutions 
  • talk to chief executives and senior leaders in councils who are already doing this work well and share that learning
  • work with existing networks that are meeting to discuss OD and culture change solutions.

From this research we will create guidance and simple but powerful tools for everyone to use – organisations, practitioners and those working with them. 

We would like to engage you in the detail from the outset to:

  • share our early thinking and get your feedback
  • align and connect with what you are doing
  • draw on your knowledge and experience of your region. 

Questions we would like to explore include:

  • where are the exemplars of good practice? 
  • who might we engage to get input across a wide spectrum of practice capability?
  • how might we go about this and how might you support us in accessing people?     

With this in mind we are proposing to work with individual councils on a regional basis to progress this work.

Further information

Please contact [email protected].