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Workforce planning

The LGA provides practical support to the local government sector to enable the delivery of strategic workforce planning.

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The apprenticeship levy has highlighted the lack of good workforce planning across councils. There is a need for Human Resources (HR) to better inform service planning (transformation) in the short and long term.

  • Local government has an ageing workforce and in certain key professions this is reaching a crisis point in an increasing number of councils 
  • 74 per cent of councils in England said they were experiencing recruitment and retention difficulties – it hasn’t changed for over a decade
  • There is too much focus on addressing short term needs which is compounding the existing long-term workforce problems
  • There is a greater need for integration between local government and other services such as health and social care to meet community health challenges – effective place-based workforce planning can help create greater opportunities for service improvement at reduced costs
  • Increasing pressure on council resources and an increasing demand for services is impacting on morale and turnover is increasing across councils in key professions
  • Council HR services have and are being cut. This has resulted in expertise/capacity to carry out workforce planning being reduced.

National Workforce Planning Network

This group links all stakeholders in the workforce planning process together through ideas, tools, techniques and shared challenges.

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LGA strategic workforce planning consultancy offer

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