Workforce planning

Workforce Planning for Senior Leadership Teams

Effective workforce planning, whether at organisational or system level, requires strong senior leadership engagement, buy-in and clear direction from those in the most senior positions. LGA Workforce supports top teams to engage in setting the strategic direction of their organisation’s workforce planning journey. We deliver support through highly interactive sessions to determine any risks to the organisation and to define key priorities within the business objectives.

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Workforce Planning for Managers

In order to develop a workforce that is best tailored towards the needs of the organisation, it is essential to use the valuable knowledge and expertise of those who work within the corresponding services. Having service leads who can provide a detailed, ‘ground level’ insight into how things are currently done, and how they can be improved in the future will help ensure that any Workforce Strategy and Action Plan produced will be relevant and, ultimately, effective.

Our highly interactive workforce planning sessions for managers build insight and engagement whilst supporting managers to map out their current and future workforces. The sessions uses strategic tools to support the development of managerial workforce planning skills.

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Supporting councils to develop career pathways

Career Pathways are key tools within the workforce planning process as it drives succession planning and delivers solutions to support business as usual.

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Talent management review

The LGA Consultancy Workforce offers a review of the current state of play of Talent Management within the organisation. Focussing on the organisation’s strategies, processes and procedures, we deliver a desktop review which is supplemented by conversations with HR, OD, Senior and Service Managers to develop a short report on how talent is perceived, identified and subsequently developed within the organisation as part of Workforce Planning.

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Workforce planning skills and knowledge workshops to support HR/OD/HRBPs

Two workshops focussing on:

  • building the foundations
  • exploring the roles and responsibilities to deliver effective Workforce Planning
  • building the Workforce Planning business case to engage with senior managers
  • using People Analytics to create an evidenced-based foundation to target critical job roles in a bitesize approach.

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Workforce planning MOT offer

LGA Workforce is able to deliver a review of the current workforce planning status at the organisation. Using our Maturity Matrix and a questionnaire, we conduct in-depth conversations with key identified staff across the organisation to establish the current state of play. Using a desktop review, 1:1 conversations and focus groups, we deliver a short report with conclusions and recommendations for future focus.

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Bitesize workforce planning series

Using a series of five Bitesize Workforce Planning Sessions, the LGA can support a council to develop a draft Workforce Development Plan. For best results, this approach is more suitable to run across a Service or Directorate to establish a pilot approach. All the outputs from each workshop will be available after the sessions and will lead to significant developed content to be used by the council to formulate an action plan for the Service or Directorate.

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Deep dive people analytics

Using the organisation’s people data, the LGA will deliver an analysis to establish ‘hotspots’ and key roles to focus on within Services and Directorates. This exercise is useful as part of evidence-based HR and is instrumental to build a business case for Workforce Planning engagement. Together with the data analysis, we will deliver a short report with conclusions and recommendations for future focus.

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“I cannot praise highly enough the support that the LGA’s Workforce Team has provided to Torbay Council in the last 18months. They have worked really closely with both our Senior Managers and HR team. Their support, challenge, knowledge and sharing of best practice from elsewhere has been fundamental in getting the council’s senior leaders and managers to really think about what workforce planning is, and how the activity can help the Council move forward and plan effectively for the future. “

Anne-Marie Bond, Chief Executive, Torbay Council  

“The LGA Workforce Team supported our senior leadership team in progressing effective workforce planning within our organisation. They provided in-depth knowledge and extensive HR experience whilst offering sound and practical advice, including challenge to improve what we already have in place. We found this particularly helpful.

The presentations were well-structured and clear so it’s easy to understand and provided inspiration. This has helped us to refocus our commitment to workforce planning from a senior management perspective and at the same time gave us a better understanding of fundamental workforce planning principles which will be of great help to embed these principles into our business planning process. The dialogue with the LGA is ongoing”

Wendy Walters, Chief Executive, Carmarthenshire County Council

“I just wanted to capture the flavour of the workshops and there was so much more I could have said - brilliant!

I found the workshop sessions really useful, especially the importance of analysing the existing workforce, considering the risk from those who hold essential skills and are nearing the end of their career. It brought it home to me how important it is to firstly build relationships with managers to build their trust and engagement, before advising them of the best way to plan their workforce with the main objective of ensuring that services can still be delivered in the future. Red flags will stay with me forever!

It ought to be compulsory for all HR and OD professionals!”

Debbie Hiller Chartered FCIPD, Organisational Development Manager, Peterborough City Council

“I just wanted to share some feedback to say I find the WFP sessions chaired by the LGA really informative, supportive and inclusive along with some excellent practical tools/models and approaches to consider back in the workplace.

The LGA has provided outstanding support, guidance and flexibility to me since I joined the WFP group. I have been really inspired by the enthusiasm and have learnt so much over the past few months.”

Nicky Spencer, Organisational Development Manager, Middlesbrough Council