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LGA Consultancy: workforce

The LGA has developed its thinking on workforce consultancy around strategic themes.

  • Organisational development (OD): Addressing the workforce dimensions of organisational transformation to deliver people-centred and value for money services, using the best OD techniques.
  • Pay and reward: Implementing approaches to rewarding the workforce which address productivity while controlling employment costs, including fair pay and wider rewards.
  • Recruitment and retention: Taking action to recruit and retain the right workforce, address key future occupational skill shortages, promote jobs and careers, develop and motivate talent, and address diversity issues.
  • Skills development: Developing employees’ skills and knowledge, in an innovative, high performance, multi-agency context.
  • Leadership development: Building visionary, ambitious and effective senior leadership with a focus on skills and capacity gaps, diversity, talent management and effective use of apprenticeships, as well as encouraging leadership behaviours at all levels.
  • Employee relations: When relationship issues develop at work – especially involving senior people in the organisation, a trusted independent adviser is likely to be the best solution to resolve the situation
  • Workforce planning: Developing a workforce that is best tailored towards the needs of an organisation.

Specific products and services have been developed for each of these strategic themes. Please click on the theme to view these.

Why us?

The LGA Consultancy is made up of proven professionals committed to see local government go from strength to strength. In addition to in-house expertise, they all have:

  • a commitment to provide sustainable solutions that deliver results, not just diagnosis of problems
  • unparalleled and up to date contacts across the full range of Government policy departments
  • an understanding and experience of working in politically led organisations at senior levels
  • a unique understanding of the public sector and the wider labour market
  • associates with deep strategic and practical experience of running authorities or particular services
  • the commitment to put together a team with the expertise to match your specific needs
  • the ability to put together partnerships with a range of other consultancies and organisations to ensure you have access to the best possible advice (including the possibility of obtaining a lower price than if you approached that organisation independently).

What we do

The LGA continues to offer a wide range of services which are free at the point of delivery to all its members. However, you might have identified a specific needs that requires a particular solution. If this is the case, then the LGA Consultancy can provide the following range of services offering cost effective solutions, driven by an aim of providing sector led improvement.


"The work undertaken by Sarah Messenger on behalf of the LGA, here in Cheshire East Council, focused on a review of organisational culture with a specific focus on bullying. The work was completed in a timely and efficient manner and engaged, very effectively, a wide range of staff, managers and elected members.

"The brief and specification for the work was negotiated and agreed with the council, with appropriate use of Sarah’s expertise and experience to arrive at a helpful albeit challenging scope for the work. The findings of the review were expertly evaluated, forming clear recommendations and a comprehensive and well written report.

"Sarah has an engaging style and puts people at ease, she has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in this area, showing both empathy and sensitivity with staff, but also appropriate challenge to all parties as required.

"Her delivery of the report and its findings to cabinet members, staff and managers was highly professional and well delivered.

"This was a challenging piece of work for the authority to commission but this was managed by Sarah in a robust but sensitive manner – all in all an excellent review that has really helped us to move things on as a local authority."

Kath O’Dwyer, Acting Chief Executive, Cheshire East Council