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On behalf of its membership, the cross-party LGA regularly submits to Government consultations, briefs parliamentarians and responds to a wide range of parliamentary inquiries. Our recent responses to government consultations and parliamentary briefings can be found here.

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Victims and Prisoners Bill - House of Commons Second Reading, 15 May 2023

We support the Government’s ambition to improve the service and support that victims receive, and hope that the Victims and Prisoners Bill and related non-legislative measures will help to improve victims’ confidence to report crimes and seek justice, as well as to rebuild their lives.

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Briefing about the work of the National FGM Centre (NFGMC)

The National FGM Centre (NFGMC) works with local authorities and communities to keep children and young people safe from female genital mutilation (FGM), breast flattening and child abuse linked to faith or belief.

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Community safety partnerships review and anti- social behaviour powers consultation: LGA response, May 2023

LGA's response to the Community safety partnerships review and anti- social behaviour powers consultation.

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Criminal Justice Bill, Report Stage, House of Commons

The LGA supports the Government’s amendments to introduce a mandatory duty on certain professionals to report child sexual abuse (CSA) as part of a holistic approach to improving the response to CSA. While it is a positive step forward, the duty must not be considered a silver bullet nor introduced in isolation. It must be supported by wider national action to ensure all professionals are trained to identify abuse, support victims to disclose abuse and ensure they receive the best possible support when they do.

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Debate on challenges facing problem gamblers, House of Lords, Thursday 23 November 2017

Problem gambling can impact on individuals and their families’ physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing as well as having a wider impact on society through crime and disorder.

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Debate on fire safety, House of Lords, 14 December 2023

It has been councils’ priority to ensure that every tenant has access to a safe and high-quality home and that swift action is taken to address risks presented by technologies such as lithium-ion batteries.

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Debate on food supply and security in the UK in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, House of Lords, 14 May 2020

Councils are working hard supporting people with a range of vulnerabilities to continue to access food throughout the coronavirus pandemic. This includes assisting with the delivery of doorstep food deliveries, and to people outside the shielded group who are unable to access food or have issues affording it.

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Debate on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, House of Commons - 29 March 2023

Human trafficking and modern slavery are heinous crimes. Supporting councils to tackle modern slavery is a key priority area for the LGA.

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Debate on regulation and prevention of online harm - House of Commons, 19 November 2020

The internet has created a powerful medium for the exploitation and abuse of children on an international scale and makes it harder to monitor abuse and bullying. Social media has provided a platform for the sharing of harmful images and information affecting self-esteem, self-image and mental health. These issues must be tackled on a local to national to international level.

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Debate on the prevention of spiking incidents, House of Commons 11 January 2023

From Autumn 2021 there has been a concerning increase in reports of spiking, including a new trend of allegations of substances being administered by needles rather than through drinks. Councils take these allegations extremely seriously and have worked with the police and other partners to respond swiftly to these reports.

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