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On behalf of its membership, the cross-party LGA regularly submits to Government consultations, briefs parliamentarians and responds to a wide range of parliamentary inquiries. Our recent responses to government consultations and parliamentary briefings can be found here.

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LGA response : National Fraud Initiative – consultation on adult social care data matching

The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) data sharing exercise has been supported by local authorities for several decades now. It has an important place in counter fraud activities, as well as work to recover and reduce error and debt.

Autumn Statement 2023: On-the-day briefing

Our Autumn Statement 2023 On-the-day briefing summarises the key announcements for councils and provides an initial LGA view.

Technical adjustments to the Business Rates Retention System in response to the Non-Domestic Rating Bill

This response has been agreed by Lead Members of the LGA Economy and Resources Board.

Autumn Statement 2023: LGA submission

Despite welcoming additional funding announced in the 2022 Autumn Statement and 2023/24 Local Government Finance Settlement councils are still under intense financial pressure. Councils face ongoing inflationary and pay pressures alongside spiking demand and market challenges in areas such as children’s social care and temporary accommodation.

LGA response: Invitation to comment on the 2024/25 Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom, October 2023

We note that there are several instances where changes to the Code are being considered in order to bring it into line with international standards, but that the proposal is that the specific changes will not be made because they are not relevant to local authorities. We strongly support this approach. It is our view that international standards should be applied when necessary but will only add complexity if applied when not relevant.

LGA response : Public Sector Audit Appointments Consultation on the 2023/24 audit fee scale

We appreciate the difficult context for the setting of the audit fees for 2023/24. Local audit is in an ongoing crisis and this has made the fee setting process more difficult. Nevertheless, we accept that the proposals made by PSAA are the best way of calculating the audit scale fee figures that can be made in the circumstances.

LGA response: Consultation on Local Government capital risk mitigation measures in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill: capital risk metrics

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill will give the Secretary of State significant additional powers to review and intervene in individual councils, and ultimately to be able to make strong directions, such as capping borrowing or forcing the sale of specific assets.

Non-Domestic Rating Bill, Report Stage, House of Lords, latest Amendments, September 2023

The Non-Domestic Rating Bill implements a number of changes to the system of non-domestic rates (known as business rates) in England and Wales.

Business Rates Avoidance and Evasion Consultation

This response has been agreed by the lead members of the LGA Economy and Resources Board.

Non-Domestic Rating Bill, Second Reading, House of Lords, 19 June 2023

The Non-Domestic Rating Bill implements a number of changes to the system of non-domestic rates (known as business rates) in England and Wales.

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