The drivers of collaboration

Delivering an effective response to coronavirus means collaboration between county and district councils is more important than ever.

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This was the key message in an article in the Local Government Chronicle written by the chairs of the County Councils’ Network (CCN) and District Councils’ Network (DCN) in March 2020. Councillors John Fuller and David Williams wrote: “One thing is for sure: we stand the best possible chance of success and then recovery by working together during this period of national emergency.”

In this report, which was commissioned well before the first outbreak of coronavirus, we have set out the results of our research into the factors which drive collaboration between district and county councils.

Our evidence is drawn from a combination of attributable and non-attributable interviews in 12 areas with county and district councils. We have also benefited significantly from the support of the LGA’s People and Places Board and contributions from DCN and CCN.