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Making the case for investing in homelessness prevention

The LGA and Local Partnerships worked with Leeds and Cornwall Councils during 2022 to build a case for investment in homelessness prevention. The work included starting to develop a clearer understanding of what approaches have worked in homelessness prevention, how much they cost, what costs may have been avoided, and some of the benefits accrued by their implementation.

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Leeds and Cornwall councils were selected as they are both active in homelessness prevention, keen to build on their own good practice and interested in a tool which can demonstrate the outcomes and impact of the work they do.

A stage approach was followed in developing the investment case.

This involved:

  • A discovery phase reviewing available data and interviewing key participants in the homelessness service in Leeds and Cornwall.
  • Development of a logic model, which explored the inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact of homelessness prevention work in Leeds and Cornwall.
  • Development of a simple cost and benefit model, where which looked at the specific costs and estimated, monetised benefits of selected homelessness prevention interventions in Leeds and Cornwall.

The model seeks to provide a framework for the quantification of costs and benefits relating to programmes focusing on homelessness prevention provided by local authorities. Costs represent the annual cost of providing the service, and the benefits are user defined based on the outcomes achieved by the Programme. Benefits focus on how costs can be reduced/avoided for the greater system of public service providers.

Access the full report and model on the Local Partnerships homeless prevention webpage.

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