People, culture, place - The role of culture in placemaking

Best practice and and better understanding roles in championing, and delivering the placemaking agenda.

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There is now widespread acknowledgement of the importance cultural activity has on the lives of people, communities and places.  In recognition of this, Local Government Association (LGA) and The Chief Cultural & Leisure Officers Association (cCLOA) have launched a new publication that highlights how councils are using culture to create a sense of shared identity and purpose in their areas, and to tackle their big issues of the day. 

People, culture, place: the role of culture in placemaking contains 10 case studies where officer and political leadership has combined to develop innovative practice using cultural activities to bring about positive changes to their places. The examples reveal how communities can draw on their cultural and historic strengths to tackle modern issues.  They reflect a range of different types of council, location and themes such as economic renewal in Margate, tackling homelessness in Oxford and revitalising civic pride in Blackpool and Barnsley.  Together, they show how the arts and culture can be used to improve a wide range of measurable outcomes, from education and wellbeing to economic growth and community cohesion.