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A vision for urban growth and recovery

This report analyses the consequences of COVID-19 for urban economies and sets out a new vision for urban growth and recovery.

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Commissioned by the City Regions Board of the Local Government Association (LGA), this report is based on research conducted between November 2020 and January 2021. It draws on evidence, forecasts and interviews with urban councils to analyse the impacts of COVID-19, current economic challenges and opportunities, and sets out a new vision for urban growth and recovery.

Our vision is for urban recovery and growth that delivers:

  • successful economic restructuring that mitigates against the worst impactsof structural unemployment and job loss
  • successful and relevant urban centres that meet the current and future needsof residents, businesses and workers
  • a step-change improvement in inequalities and ensures that communitiesbenefit
  • sustainable solutions that make significant progress towards carbon emissionsreductions
  • the agility and capacity to respond to further challenges and opportunities asthey emerge as we continue to discover the economic implications of COVID-19 and Brexit over the next few years.

Led by urban councils working in partnership with national government, the private sector and communities, in large-scale, funded programmes that deliver integrated place-based solutions.

You can download the full report below. Please be aware this is in an accessible format.