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front cover for must know online harms publications

Must Know: Online harms

The purpose of this guide is to raise awareness about online harms and empower councillors by providing an introduction to online risks, an overview of the Online Safety Bill, key considerations, signposting to useful resources, as well as a checklist to support effective decision making.

A yellow thumbs up icon against a purple background and the copy "Guidance on LGA Model Councillor Code of Conduct" above it in white

Guidance on Local Government Association Model Councillor Code of Conduct

Supporting guidance which is aimed to help understanding and consistency of approach towards the LGA's Model Councillor Code of Conduct.

 circle of figures in difference colours, including blue, orange, green and yellow

A whole household approach to young people’s mental health: A ‘must know’ guide for local councillors

This guide sets out the vital information local leaders need to know about supporting young people’s mental health. A whole household approach to young people’s mental health recognises the important roles that parents, carers or siblings can play in supporting young people’s mental health.

COVID-19 Adult Safeguarding Insight Project - Second Report

COVID-19 Adult Safeguarding Insight Project - Second Report (July 2021)

This second report, completed in May 2021, provides information on safeguarding adults activity during the COVID-19 pandemic up to December 2020. It follows on from the first report which provided a picture of how safeguarding adults activity in England was affected by the initial stage of the pandemic and first lockdown, up until June 2020.

Must know: behavioural weight management services

Must know: behavioural weight management services – a guide to tackling obesity

This ‘must know’ for elected members sets out the importance of weight management services and seeks the support of all elected members in championing these services, as a part of a place based whole systems approach to tackling obesity.

Text: A guide to the emergency insourcing of leisure services

A guide to the emergency insourcing of leisure services

This guide has been written to help councils in an emergency position mobilise their leisure service. It is not intended to instruct or encourage councils to bring leisure services back in-house but instead provides appropriate tools and considerations to support the process. Councils are advised to take their own due diligence to evaluate their individual options. The guide is correct as of June 2021.

wording sector-led improvement in 2020/21 including LGA logo and footer with  orange, pink and mint green colours

Sector-led improvement in 2020/21

This end of year report provides an overview and summary of highlights from the 2020/21 support programme.

publication cover - COVID-19 Workforce Survey Research Report week ending 5 March 2021

COVID-19 Workforce Survey, week ending 7 May 2021

This report is part of a series of monthly surveys of all councils in England and Wales collecting key workforce data on how the sector is responding to COVID-19.

Leading healthier places 2021-22

Leading Healthier Places 2021/22 - Support for care and health leaders

Our range of leadership development events, workshops and publications will help you transform your local systems.

image of office workers meeting in a boardroom layout room

A councillor’s workbook on equality, diversity and inclusion

This workbook has been designed as a distance learning aid for local councillors and should be read in conjunction with your council’s own guidance on equalities, diversity and inclusion.