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Must Know: Long Covid

Must Know: Long COVID - What is the role of local government?

Data from the Office for National Statistics has suggested 3 to 12 per cent of adults infected with coronavirus have symptoms 12 weeks after an initial infection. Our Must Know explains how councils are working to provide support.

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Employment and skills provision survey 2021

The survey was conducted by the Local Government Association’s Research and Information team in July-August 2021 in order that a forthcoming refresh of the LGA’s Work Local proposals be better informed by local authorities’ views of the effectiveness of the current system.

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Shopping for health

Putting health assets into the heart of local communities.

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What is the role of a school nurse?

Understanding how school nurses can add value to local councils' Healthy Child Programme.

Combined authorities: Financial freedoms and fiscal devolution

Combined authorities: Financial freedoms and fiscal devolution

This report assesses how freely English combined authorities are able to raise and spend funding.

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Climate Change Survey 2021

In October 2021 the LGA conducted a survey of the climate change officers of all councils in England. The purposes of the survey were to assess what actions local authorities are taking to combat climate change, to assess their future needs for support in this area, and to evaluate the climate change sector support offer provided by the LGA.

Publication cover reading: "Sector support offer 2022/23"

Sector support offer for councils

The following summary sets out our sector support offer available to councils in 2022/23, spanning leadership, governance, finance, workforce, place-based vision and demand.

Sector-led improvement
Fire safety of cladding system - supporting residents front cover

Supporting residents who have been affected by cladding and other building safety issues

This Local Government Association (LGA) briefing is aimed at ward councillors supporting residents in their local areas. It explains the background to the cladding scandal, highlights issues facing residents, and sets out ways in which councillors might support them.

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Survey of Homelessness Presentations by Ukrainian Arrivals

This report presents the findings of a Local Government Association (LGA) survey of councils to obtain a snapshot of the number of new Ukrainian households presenting to homelessness services.

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Polling on resident satisfaction with councils: Round 31 - February 2022

The LGA measures resident satisfaction with councils every three to four months. This report presents the results of the thirty-first round of polling conducted in February 2022.

Build back local

To build back better, we must build back local.

Build back local: Building back better

Read the full 2021 LGA Annual Conference paper.


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