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The return of the regulator: What adult social care needs to know

We commissioned some rapid learning from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) pilots through interviews with five directors of adult social care.

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Polling on resident satisfaction with councils: Round 36

Six key indicators are used to measure residents’ views of their local council. Respondents are also asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with nine council services. Other questions focus on perceptions of safety, trust in politicians and government, and media coverage of councils. Additional questions are occasionally asked.

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High-cost children’s social care placements survey

In October and November 2023, the Local Government Association sent an online survey to all councils providing children’s social care in England. The purpose of the survey was to assess the frequency and costs arising from high-cost children’s social care placements, as well as to explore reasons why the costs of certain placements are particularly high.

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Draft improvement and assurance framework for local government

Explore the elements of the draft improvement and assurance framework for local government.

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Public Statutory Notices Survey 2023

The Statutory Notices Survey 2023 was conducted by the Local Government Association’s Research and Information team between 10 January and 5 February 2023.

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bold pink text reads A practical approach for councils on dealing with empty homes

A practical approach for councils on dealing with empty homes

Bringing empty homes back into use can play a key part of local strategies to meet housing need. Not only are empty homes a wasted resource, they are often the subject of complaints and frustration for communities.


The councillor mentoring handbook

Councillor mentoring undertaken by our cohort of councillor peers is an important part of our Sector Support programme funded by the UK Government. Our councillor mentoring helps councils and councillors to receive the support they need to deliver services to the public as effectively as possible.

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Sport and leisure: promoting health and wellbeing through public services

This guide looks at the contribution public sport and leisure services make to promoting health and wellbeing to encourage communities to be active and how this can be achieved through working with a range of partners.

Maintaining our momentum: public health in local government

Maintaining our momentum: Public health in local government

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the transfer of public health from primary care trusts to local government. We speak to key figures closest to the reforms on what they think has worked well, what can be improved on and learnings to take forward for the future.

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Local Government Chief Executives' Development Framework: the foundations

The Local Government Association (LGA) and Solace are delighted to present the first Local Government Chief Executives’ Development Framework, as part of the LGA's Sector Support programme 2023/24, funded by the UK Government.

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Make It Local

To deliver priorities for the public the Government needs to #MakeItLocal

Make It Local

By the start of 2025, we will have had a general election. This is a moment of opportunity.


Cllr Helen Belcher OBE on how her constituents are her priority 👇 “Being a fairly prominent trans woman means I do…

5 hours ago