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Shaping Places for Healthier Lives

The Health Foundation and Local Government Association launched a new grant programme in 2020 called Shaping Places for Healthier Lives. The programme application process, the background about the programme and supporting materials for councils can be found here.

The Shaping Places for Healthier Lives Programme is currently in the final stage of a three-stage application process. Applications are now closed for new projects.

This new grant programme will support local cross-sector partnership action to create the conditions for better health at a local level.

The objectives are to:

  • mobilise cross-sector action through sustainable system change at a local level
  • support local authorities to facilitate and enable local partnerships for system change
  • learn how to make changes that impact on the wider determinants of health so that learning can be shared

As a result of this programme five projects will be funded to make sustainable changes to local systems, which are consistent with improved population health, and designed to last beyond the lifetime of the programme. Learning will be captured to allow these approaches to be applied in other areas and to wider health-related issues.

Please email us at [email protected] to join our learning network to be kept up to date with the programme.


Our delivery support partner, the Design Council, has written a blog about the approaches taken within the stage 2 application and the challenges and opportunities that have been highlighted by councils and their project teams.