T Levels Industry Placement: Providing new opportunities for young people

In 2020, the government launched a new technical qualification called T Level. The LGA, supported by the Department of Education, is offering support to councils to promote their council as a career destination for young people. We are asking councils to provide one young person a T level industry placement from September 2021.

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Offering an industry placement to a young person, can encourage them to actively contribute to and make an impact on local government.

Through this national LGA programme with learning providers, you can attract talented young people who will bring new perspectives onto sector specific projects while significantly boosting the long-term employability of local people in your community.

If you are interested in providing a T Level Industry Placement at your council or receiving support to do so, register your interest with us.

Employers hosting T Level industry placements between 27 May 2021 and 31 July 2022, will be able to access £1,000 incentive payments. The funding rules set out by the Department for Education explain the requirements and eligibility, including the arrangements between employers and providers.

In the video series hosted by Bruce Rose for the Department for Education, he asks Nigel Carruthers from the LGA what the ideal outcomes are for the quality and success of local government offering T Level placements:

The first outcome is that a young person gets a quality experience, learns some skills and is able to contribute to society as a whole. And ideally, success is they stay within local government, they progress onto an apprenticeship or a job.

Our campaign, is "just take one". We're looking for every local authority to take on one young person and to really build a quality experience and make sure they have gained something and can give something back.

What's an industry placement?

An industry placement is for total of 45 days (315-hour) sector-specific placement.

1) The industry placement takes place in year two. 

2) T Level industry placement provides learners with high quality invaluable experience linked to their current study and career aspirations.

3) Learners get the opportunity to apply their specific skills and knowledge learned throughout their T Level programme in a workplace role.

4) A line manager will shape their work learning based on project work and provide feedback. 

What's in it for councils?

Councils can be a varied and positive career destination for young people – by providing quality experience to young people they will look seriously at councils as future career options. 

Hosting a T Level industry placements councils get the following benefits:   

  • high calibre student for 45 days work placement
  • extra capacity for sector specific project work. No employment contract, no PAYE or N.I liability.
  • no recruitment cost to councils
  • try and test potential apprentices, trainees or employees
  • level 3 'work place' ready candidates
  • promote your employer brand to young people to attract local talent for future employment
  • recruit workforce of the future by providing progression from T Level to apprenticeship, entry level job or traineeship
  • retain local talent
  • opportunity to shape a young person to fit council’s needs
  • build stronger links with local training provider and other employers
  • opportunity for line managers to contribute to the development of a young person.
Resources for councils

Explore your options

Talk to the LGA advisor about the opportunity and preparation needed

Forecast future workforce

Include industry placements in the plans you build this year and beyond

Engage colleagues and stakeholders

Share the benefits of getting a T Levels student on board in September 2021

Online drop-in sessions, interactive workshops and surgery sessions

Register for one or more of the different events being hosted by the LGA from February through to May.

Speakers will share the:

  • improvements to the technical skills system and its role in economic recovery
  • support available to identify and prepare projects for industry placements
  • benefits to employers, workforce culture and local employment prosperity

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