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Community engagement

Our community engagement resources support officers and councillors to explore the range of ways they can engage local residents – and voluntary and community sector organisations – in local service delivery, decision-making and enhancing places.

Crowds of people crossing a busy road

We know that councils have been renewing their focus on community engagement since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wanting to work more closely with their communities, many councils have been developing new approaches to community engagement alongside improving tried and tested ways of engaging with their communities.

Councils engage communities both formally and informally and for a variety of reasons, in contexts as wide-ranging as:

  • community champion programmes, peer navigators and local area coordinators
  • citizens' assemblies and community boards
  • using digital software to consult a wide range of residents
  • community asset transfer
  • using interpreters
  • working with voluntary, community and faith leaders
  • working with citizen scientists
  • participatory research with residents
  • scrutiny committees.