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Preparing the business case

The business case for the disposal of land and property assets is a crucial element of the process in implementing the Homes for NHS Staff policy.

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Disposal of land and property are often challenging change programmes; delivering the Homes for Staff policy within this context adds to the complexity. Therefore, a business case, which includes a clear articulation of the delivery objectives and benefits of securing accommodation for staff is a significant component in successful delivery of the policy. It will promote efficiency of delivery, indicate best practice and support speedy decision making. Moreover, it will encourage effective engagement with all relevant parties.

When considering the optimal disposal route of surplus sites and seeking a relevant planning consent, estates leads are advised to consult with workforce colleagues to understand the various potential positive impacts of securing accommodation for staff. These may include:

  • supporting recruitment and retention of staff;
  • the opportunity to reduce costs associated with turnover of staff; and
  • reducing the cost of providing temporary housing within the private sector for staff.