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Legal implementation

Ensuring that Homes for NHS Staff is an explicit core objective from the outset greatly increases the likelihood of successful delivery of the Homes for NHS Staff policy.

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There are a number of challenges to consider in delivering the policy, especially as once land is sold (particularly in cases where there is sale without planning) overall control of the site is lost. However, selecting the right approach for the circumstances of the project to dispose of the site in question will greatly aid the ability to influence the outcomes on the site and boost the chances of successful delivery of the policy.

All NHS estate owners should try to ensure that the offer of first refusal is given to NHS staff on all affordable homes developed on NHS land. This is dependent on the LPA, who will determine allocations based on need. Early, close and continuing engagement with LPAs will be a key factor in ensuring effective implementation of policy requirements.

Where an estate owner is part-way through a disposals process and there could be affordable housing built on the land, it is still strongly recommended that options to implement the policy are fully explored and considered. Implementation of the policy can still be achieved in this scenario, but it is likely to be more challenging than if it were part of the strategic rationale for disposal.

In reality the opportunity to deliver successful outcomes will be significantly enhanced where projects have an understanding of their staff demand and nature of their housing need, backed by a clear body of evidence as set out in Understanding Demand and have set this strategic objective as part of the Business Case.

There are then a number of ways in which the policy can be implemented in practice depending upon the particular development or disposal route selected.

These are examined in turn below:

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