Clean, connected and in control: what tomorrow’s transport technology could mean for councils

Many councils are already developing their knowledge and experience of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, which will help them ensure that the roll out of this new technology maximises the benefits for their communities while mitigating the risks inherent in major technological change.


Some examples of council involvement are included in this section. We hope that this section helps all councils to do the same.

By outlining the major emerging trends in transport technology and sharing the views of industry experts in the field, we hope to improve the level of understanding and awareness of all councils.

In this section, we focus on the three main technologies that are already transforming the way we travel. These are:

The pace of technological change is always increasing – no single organisation can accurately predict the impact that these new technologies will have. This is why we are very keen to hear from all our member councils on the views and issues raised in this paper.

Similarly, if your council is involved in developing any of these new technologies, or has developed new insight, please get in touch so we can share with your ideas with other councils and wider industry.

The more shared evidence there is of council involvement, the more likely industry and government are to invest in, and work with, local government to ensure a smooth transition to cleaner, safer and more sustainable transport that provides better connectivity for all individuals and communities.

We want to hear from you

We are asking councils, public service providers and industry experts for views and insights on this emerging agenda. The questions below are intended to act as a prompt but we would be happy to accept representations on any element of future transport and would welcome any material that councils or other interested organisations feel is relevant.

  • Are you involved in any innovative projects involving charging infrastructure or connected and autonomous vehicles?
  • What barriers have you experienced in the roll-out of these new technologies?
  • What opportunities do you foresee for your service area or other services within local government?

Please email our transport team: Andrew Jones or Kamal Panchal.