Bright Futures in Parliament: case studies

All around the country, councils are finding innovative, creative and effective ways to help children and families look forward to a bright future – here’s just a few examples.

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The Anchor Project - Haringey Council

Haringey’s Anchor Project is an early intervention that uses attachment and trauma theory to inform practice and support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

The Anchor Project has shown us how to support children and families in a different way – to recognise the root emotion, rather than responding only to the aggression or disruption.

Eta, Assistant Headteacher

Early Help Family Conferences - London Borough of Sutton

Early help family group conferences are at the heart of a new collaborative and restorative approach to support families at Sutton Council. Family members lead a conference with their wider family and close friends. Together they talk through problems, generate solutions and create a plan.

Then through social services, Tanya, the Family Group Conference Coordinator, got involved. She set up a meeting, with me, him, and his sister. She helped us find a way to communicate with each other and for him to spend time with his daughter without us arguing.

Samantha, parent

Edge of Care - Staffordshire County Council

Staffordshire County Council's Edge Of Care service targets an innovative package of intensive support to families on the edge of care, in order to change the lives of our most vulnerable families for the better and avoiding the need for costly, statutory intervention.

I’m so thankful for all the work our social workers have done for me and my family. I was nervous about becoming a first time dad and really wanted to do right by our baby. They always headed us in the right direction and with help and support my little one was allowed home with us.

Joe, parent

The Family Safeguarding project - Hertfordshire County Council

The Family Safeguarding project allows multiagency teams to focus on direct, relationship-based therapeutic work. The aim is to transform the family life of children at the highest risk in the Hertfordshire community, not to monitor it.

I was in a bad place and I felt really alone – I felt like with the social involved, it was over. But they really helped me become the parent I wanted to be.

Angelina, parent

FGM safeguarding sessions - Ealing Council

Ealing Council is working to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM) in the borough. This three-year project helps primary schools to raise awareness with staff, parents, pupils and the local community.

It has been a taboo subject so we need a safe space for parents to discuss it and their concerns. The more people are aware, the more we can stand together to end FGM

Hoda, FGM survivor

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire Service - Lincolnshire County Council

The Healthy Minds Lincolnshire Service is a partnership to support emotional wellbeing needs of young people, focusing on early intervention, promoting resilience and the prevention of emotional wellbeing concerns escalating to mental health issues.

Healthy Minds came along at just the right time. They got him seen in in a week or two and saw him at school, so we didn’t have to take him out. That was brilliant – it’s a familiar setting, and with his autism going somewhere unfamiliar can be difficult.

Lisa, parent

Mindful Sport – Young Minds Yoga - Bedford Borough Council

Young Minds Yoga is a weekly exercise session giving young people the chance to relax and discuss problems with professionals, plus help reduce the impact and severity of mental health problems. Their parents or carers can also stay and chat to children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) staff or each other providing peer-to-peer support.

I think using sports to help people with conditions like mine is positive – it gives you motivation to carry on, and I need a place where I can meet other people like me and talk. Exercise helps me take my mind off things.

Sarah, 14

New Beginnings - Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

The New Beginnings LGBT youth group provides a safe place for young people, many of whom have struggled with self-esteem issues and self-harm, to be and find out who they are. The group also supports parents and delivers sessions with police cadets and in schools to create inclusive environments.

We do a lot of group work, talking about issues that matter when you’re LGBT, like staying safe. There’s at most ten of us. Sue, the youth worker, is always available which makes a big difference.

Marco, 14

Up2U – reducing family violence - Portsmouth City Council

Up2U, is a programme for people who use domestically abusive and unhealthy behaviours in their relationships.

I feel like I have more control. I used to lose my temper really quickly, but now I’m much calmer.

Dan, parent