Module 6 | Progress with LIS development

The Government is aiming to agree Local Industrial Strategies with all areas of England by early 2020 and their development has proceeded within three waves:

  • Wave 1 “trailblazers” (announced in November 2017) – Greater Manchester, West Midlands and the Oxford-Cambridge Arc
  • Wave 2 (announced in July 2018) – Cheshire & Warrington, Heart of the South West, Leicester & Leicestershire, North East, Tees Valley and the West of England
  • Wave 3 (announced in December 2018) – all remaining areas of England outside of Waves 1 and 2.

The trailblazer Local Industrial Strategies have now been published. In January 2020, the LGA published Local Industrial Strategies: Lessons Learned which captures learning from the trailblazers for other areas seeking to develop local strategies for economic and inclusive growth.

The map below shows the geographic coverage of Local Industrial Strategies by wave.

Local Industrial Strategies by wave


The following Local Industrial Strategies have now been published and the strategy documents can be accessed through the respective links:

In December 2018, the Government also published local summaries outlining priorities and progress across all LIS areas. These summaries are available here.

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