North East Lincolnshire Place Board

North East Lincolnshire has a history of strong partnership working. As part of a long-standing Section 75 arrangement, the council is responsible for commissioning and providing children’s services, while the clinical commissioning group (CCG) is responsible for adult social care. North East Lincolnshire had a ‘care trust plus’ and developed a range of effective integration arrangements, including intermediate care and mental health. This case study forms part of our integrated care systems (ICS) resource.

Stemming from this, the council and the CCG formed North East Lincolnshire Union and are now co-located on one site with a single chief executive, with plans for a single senior leadership team and a single set of commissioning priorities.

The Union Board is the strategic commissioner for integration at the level of place, and has developed a transformation plan for place-based health and care services. The plan includes an increased focus on prevention, maximising the potential for greater integration of budgets and service delivery, and building on current Section 75 arrangements.

The board will oversee North East Lincolnshire’s integrated care partnership (ICP), in which providers, including primary care and adult social care, will collaborate in an alliance framework on five priority areas: support to care homes, dementia, community cardiology, end of life care and integrated urgent care.

“The health and wellbeing board (HWB) has evolved from being a forum that discussed health and wellbeing services and needs to one that is really beginning to shape the strategic direction of the entire borough. The next stage will bring in a place board with strategic leadership from across the anchor institutions in North East Lincolnshire, and with real potential to combine the strength of these organisations to focus on a number of specific priorities that will influence the future prosperity and wellbeing of our borough.”
Councillor Jane Hyldon-King, Chair, North East Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board

Subject to cabinet approval in June 2019, North East Lincolnshire Place Board will take on the role of the HWB to become the strategic leadership board for place – the forum through which all organisations and partnerships will work together and invest for better community outcomes. A place-based wellbeing framework with five key outcomes, including health and wellbeing, is currently out for consultation. This sets out the intent to revise and align existing place-based strategies such as safer, stronger communities and economic growth, and will serve as the joint health and wellbeing strategy.

Asset-based approaches, social value, encouraging personal resilience and devolving decision making to communities and individuals are central to the ethos of the place board. This builds on the work of the HWB – for example, investment in voluntary and community groups to develop community-led solutions to key wellbeing priorities such as smoking in pregnancy, and peer support to help drug and alcohol users rebuild their lives.

The place board’s future priorities will be a small number of complex issues which are best tackled by all partners working together. They are likely to include:

  • targeted support for families who come into contact with many services
  • improving skills, employability and employment aspirations for local people – particularly necessary with the large growth in jobs expected from the development of the ‘energy estuary’.

North East Lincolnshire is part of Humber, Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, which is establishing several ICPs. The majority of health and care planning and delivery will happen at place level, and the integrated care system and ICPs will work on issues best tackled at greater scale.

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Geoffrey Barnes, Deputy Director of Public Health