Peer challenges we offer

In addition to the fully subsidised corporate peer challenge offer, we also offer peer challenges focused on driving improvement and improving efficiency in specific areas.

We have a range of peer-led improvement support options available. Sometimes the funding routes are different and this may lead to slight differences in the terms of their availability and cost.

  • Corporate Peer Challenge: fully subsidised peer challenge offered to each council at least once every five years.
  • Human resources / organisational development peer review: this peer review seeks to help councils better understand their Human Resources /Organisational Development (HR/OD) team’s capacity and capability to deliver and provides insights into areas needed for improvement. 
  • Safeguarding children and children in care peer reviews and diagnostics: In response to demand from local authorities and the context of the new Ofsted inspection framework, we are continuing to offer Children’s Services Peer Challenges alongside care and safeguarding diagnostics.
  • Health and wellbeing: the support offer focuses on a system-wide approach to developing effective leadership to integrate and devolve health and social care. The new peer challenge offer is currently being piloted.
  • Adult social care peer challenge: with the return of the regulator to adult social care the LGA can offer an adults peer challenge to support Councils as they prepare for CQC Assurance Inspections.
  • Peer based finance offer: Our offer relies on making use of expertise in the sector, both officer and councillor peers. It currently includes a financial health check; a budget challenge; and tools to allow councils to assess their own financial position and consider opportunities and threats to their financial strategy. The offer continues to evolve.
  • Financial peer review: this dovetails closely with the corporate peer challenge and looks at how councils are setting the strategy, making the decisions required and implementing the changes that will give them the best chance of balancing the books in the medium and long term. The review involves financially experienced peers and focuses on five areas including leadership, strategy, decision-making, outcomes and innovation.
  • Communications 'healthcheck' and peer review. The one-day healthcheck includes a review of your comms functions, strategy and capacity, and provides a series of quick wins designed to help you tackle key issues. Our three-day review provides a more in-depth assessment of your comms activity and includes a feedback session and a formal report.