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Step 8: Advertising on social media

Paid-for advertising can help your campaigns and support your objectives.

In the era of the algorithm there are times when paid for adverts on social media are the best tactic. Social media offers the ability to run very cost effective campaigns with the ability to target specific geographic and demographic areas, as well as through key words which will help you to reach your target audience.

The real-time advantages of social media advertising also mean that you can be alive to opportunities as they break and gives you the flexibility to make the most of an emerging opportunity you've seen develop online.

This useful post on Facebook advertising is worth a read.

LinkedIn often offer a free trial of their paid-for advertising service which could be worth trying especially around recruitment campaigns. LinkedIn can cost more per click than other social media platforms but if that's where your people are and you set a budget that you're happy with it could be worth experimenting.

Twitter, again, allows you to spend small sums of money on advertising and their analytics and targeting abilities have improved in recent years.

Top tip – start small