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Sustainability and transformation plans

STPs – sustainability and transformation plans – are part of a NHS planning framework for health and care services. Announced in the NHS planning guidance in December 2015, STPs are strategic, multi-year plans running to at least March 2021.

They are based on a footprint of a ‘place' and are required to cover the full range of health services in the footprint, from primary care to specialist services, with an expectation that they also cover local government provision.

There are 44 STPs across England. These are set out in this series of maps. Each STP has a nominated leader to oversee and coordinate the process. From working with local leaders and listening to their experiences, the LGA has developed perspectives and proposals on key themes emerging from the STP process as well as a briefing for MPs. These include the importance of political and public engagement as well as the need to secure robust, transparent governance arrangements. We also continue to highlight that STPs are a vehicle to support full integration of health and care.

Mark Lloyd chairs an informal network of CEOs involved in STPs. If you are interested in joining, please contact [email protected]

STP updates

The LGA's round up of developments and feedback from colleagues across the country. If you have feedback or ideas for content, please get in touch with [email protected]

LGA briefing on Next Steps for the Five Year Forward View

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Reviews of STPs

There have been a number of reviews of STPs to date, including an assessment of their levels of collaboration with local government:

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NHS correspondence

Planning guidance

STPs were first mentioned in the NHS planning guidance for 2016/17. The NHS bodies have produced further guidance about the STP process. All these documents are available here:

Annex B - June submission guidance 18 May 2016

NHS Planning Guidance for 2017/18 and 2018/19

2016/17 NHS Planning Guidance

Initial guidance, issued 16 February

Guidance on 30 June submissions, issued 19 May

Quick guides to support service priorities in STPs, issued 19 May

NHS England 2020/21 indicative allocations, issued 19 May