Place-based tools and information for care and health

Toolkits, data tools and information to support local improvement and better health, wellbeing and social care outcomes

LGA Adass

Data and intelligence for Adult Social Care

A number of adult social care and public health reports are available to view by local authority.

LG Inform includes a wide range of contextual and performance data across all local government services and about the local population and place. To help councils in identifying the information that they would find most helpful for adult social care and public health we have pulled out a selection of the data sources most relevant. These can be viewed directly in LG Inform, included in reports of extracted and used in councils' own data systems. Care and Health Metrics in LG Inform

Self-Assessment Toolkits

Public health strengths and risk tool

The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) and the Local Government Association (LGA), in consultation with SOLACE, have developed a tool to support system leaders in local authorities in defining and ensuring good public health at place.

Supporting adults with learning disabilities to have better lives framework

This framework has been designed to help DASS work with their colleagues and partners to identify how they can improve their support to adults with learning disabilities and how they can be assured that the care and support in their area is delivering positive outcomes and is good value for money. Councils or regions can independently self-evaluate their support for adults with learning disabilities against the framework. We have developed survey tools and a data template to assist councils in carrying out a self-assessment. This approach helps councils to reflect on current system service delivery before developing a transformation action plan.

Use of resources approach

Working collaboratively with councils, the LGA and ADASS have led the development of a robust and transparent approach to evaluating the use of resources in adult social care to support sector led improvement. The 13-step approach uses a set of questions to promote informed self-assessment and improvement, taking into account local conditions and bringing in challenge at each step. It helps councils to identify areas for further exploration, where spend and/or performance is significantly different to regional or national averages.

Market Intelligence reports

Partners in Care and Health have produced three key products utilising LG Inform, designed to develop local authority commissioners’ insight into the make-up and sustainability of their care markets, specifically within Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered provision. This includes the Care Market Review tool which pulls in a daily feed of the latest information on registered (and deregistered) locations and their characteristics, including detailed quality ratings. Approved council users on the tool can also see additional data on business continuity and infection control measures as reported through Capacity Tracker.

Adult social care risk self-assessment

A self-assessment tool for councils to help identify and mitigate risks to adult social care services. The aim of the self-assessment process is to promote self-awareness amongst Directors and their senior colleagues, supporting them in targeting their energies and limited resources on the right issues, and identifying mitigating action to address their most pressing risks.