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Equality, diversity and inclusion in the workforce

Diversity recognises that, though people have things in common with each other, they are also different in many ways. Inclusion is where those differences are seen as a benefit, and where perspectives and differences are shared, leading to better decisions.


At the heart of local government is the need to ensure everyone is treated equally, with dignity and has fair access to resources and opportunities. This is also true of our local government workplaces.  

Local government wants workplaces that have the correct working practices, cultures and behaviours to provide innovative, supportive, and interesting places to work that allow employees to fully engage in our work and help communities to thrive.

The business case for good Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) practice in the workplace is compelling. Employing and engaging with people who have a range of different backgrounds, experiences and ideas increases creativity and leads to better problem-solving and decision-making. Put simply, fairer organisations perform better. 

This page brings together the range of support and resources to support local government on their workforce EDI priorities. 

Additional resources

  • Diverse by Design - this guide captures 15 key steps that help local government employers embed fair values, systems and behaviours throughout their organisation. It helps organisations understand  their employment practices in the broader context of EDI and what action is needed for meaningful and sustainable change, together with a range of practical tools and advice to support you to achieve your ambitions.
  • Disability Diversity and Inclusivity Index - Ingeus have published their 2023 Disability Diversity and Inclusivity Index. Gain an insight into the report’s key findings, and understand inequalities that people with disabilities face in the workplace.
  • Disability - Having a disability shouldn’t bar people from getting jobs, being trained or receiving good customer service
  • Equality Framework for Local Government
  • LGA Guide – How to be more inclusive
  • The nine protected characteristics