Local Government Association Reuse Survey

The LGA commissioned Populus to conduct a poll of consumers to understand their views and motivations for reusing items and buying second hand products. 


Key findings:

  • Respondents are most likely to be motivated to buy a second hand product by its price. A fifth would be motivated if the product was no longer made anymore or if it was available to reliably buy online.
  • 14 per cent of respondents could not be motivated to buy a second hand product.
  • A warranty would give respondents the greatest confidence in taking a second-hand electrical device. The ability to try the item before buying it is the least motivating.
  • Respondents would be most likely to go to websites for information about where to buy second-hand items. A quarter would go to a local newspaper, while one-in-ten would visit their local authority website.
  • Again, websites are the most popular destination for information about where to take second-hand items. 27 per cent would go to a local authority website, while 17 per cent would turn to a local newspaper.
  • More than half of all respondents have thrown something away that they think could have been reused or repaired.
  • A collection service for bulky items and somewhere to drop an item off nearby would be most help for providing an unwanted item so that it could be used by someone else.


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