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A councillor's guide to the health system in England

This guide provides a quick introduction to the health and social care system since the reforms of 2012 for all councillors who do not lead on health issues.

Councillor development

National Census of Local Authority Councillors 2013

The report of the seventh census of local authority councillors in England has been published.


Healthy homes, healthy lives

Councils all over the country understand how the quality of housing affects the health and wellbeing of their residents. Poor housing costs the NHS at least £2.5 billion a year in treating people with illnesses directly linked to living in cold, damp and dangerous homes.


Local Healthwatch outcomes and impact development tool version 2

This outcome and impact development tool has been designed to promote the development of local Healthwatch as an independent organisation that can effectively and efficiently deliver its functions.


Councils supporting youth transitions into work and learning

The examples demonstrate how councils have been able to reduce 16 to 18-year-old disengagement to an all-time low and increasingly support older young people towards work. Evidence demonstrates the value of creating personal advisers for individuals, planning provision across places, and brokering leadership and support into work.


Local Healthwatch Reflective Audit

This local Healthwatch Reflective Audit has been developed to help you understand how well local Healthwatch is working in your local area. It also helps you understand whether other organisations are introducing changes as a result of working with local Healthwatch.


Under pressure – How councils are planning for future cuts

Councils are currently half way through a scheduled 40 per cent cut in funding from central government. Having delivered £10 billion of savings in the three years from 2011/12, local authorities have to find the same savings again in the next two years.


Routes to reuse: maximising value from reused materials

Voters and tax payers have a strong interest in increasing the amount of material from households that is reused and therefore not sent to landfill or for incineration. In addition to the significant environmental benefits and social value reuse can create, there is a strong economic and business case for it too.


No overall control

Coming to terms with operating in a no overall control environment can be challenging for leading members and senior officers alike. Whilst everybody will want to respond in their own way and in the context of their own local situation it can also be helpful to learn from others.


The council role in school place planning

The council role in school place planning: Making sure there are enough school places locally' looks at some of the measures taken by councils to meet the recent surge in demand for school places and gives a five-point plan which the LGA believes is necessary to ensure councils have the funding and power to create the further new places needed.