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Evaluation of the children in trouble programme

The Children in Trouble programme is a joint project supported by LGA and the Howard League for Penal Reform and sets out to encourage, develop and showcase different approaches to reducing the use of custodial sentences. This report documents the programme's achievements and challenges following an evaluation by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

A place to grow: supplementary document to 'Growing in the community'

This supplementary document, which should be read in conjunction with Growing in the community, the existing good practice guidance for allotment officers, is aimed at helping local authorities minimise the length of time an individual has to wait before getting a space to grow.

Workforce data standards

The final workforce data standards have been published by the LGA, DCSF and its partners. A review process will revisit the standards but no changes will be made to the data standards without full consultation with all partners and the sector as a whole.


Social care staff

The Information Centre for Health and Social care collect an annual return of local government social care staffing - the SSDS001.


Provision of mental health services for care leavers: transition to adult services

The overall aim of the research is to examine the extent to which developments since the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 have improved outcomes for young people leaving care, particularly those with mental health issues. It examines young people's views of service provision, outcomes and how they are measured, and the coordination and availability of services including voluntary services.

Respect and protect

Across the country one in ten social worker posts are unfilled and this figure urgently needs to be reduced so we can protect children effectively.

Lifting the Burdens Task Force: bringing about a new relationship between central and local government and citizens

This publication sets out early findings of the Lifting the Burdens Task Force in the form of challenges for central and local government and maps the way forward for the task force over the next 12 months.

Local government reputation campaign: delivering for people and places

Local government plays a huge role in people's lives and, according to the Treasury, is 'widely recognised' as the most efficient part of the public sector, making £2.6m a day in savings. So why is it that public satisfaction of council services is improving, but the public perception of councils is not?

Conditional fee agreements

An advice and best practice guide for councils Local authorities are feeling the financial pinch due to a continuing trend in spurious compensation claims. This guide provides advice to councils on how to tackle this increasing problem, with case study examples highlighting best and worst practice. This publication was originally published on 1 July 2004