Shaping Places for Healthier Lives prospectus

The strongest determinants of health and health inequalities are the social, economic, commercial and environmental conditions in which people live: the ‘wider determinants of health’. We are pleased to announce that the LGA is working in partnership with The Health Foundation on this new programme tackling the wider determinants of health.

This programme will support innovation by five local systems, over three years through funding and a learning approach to act on the wider determinants of health. The focus will be on promoting a complex systems approach to public health problems, building cross-sector partnerships and strengthening system leadership on the wider determinants of health.

We are looking for councils, working with partners in their area, to take bold action across a whole system and to be innovative in implementation. We are looking to engage leaders across education, economic planning and development, environment and open space, place based working and others as well as those directly working in public health. Interest and bids from councillors, officers and partners working in these fields are encouraged. We want to learn from success and inspire confidence in making lasting change on health and wellbeing.

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