Working in a digital council

Many councils are already exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) can help revolutionise the ways they communicate with and provide services for their residents. But what does this mean for our workforce and workplaces?

In recent years much attention has been focused on how using new technology might lead to the replacement of parts of the human workforce with computers or robots. But not much attention has been given to how these technologies are shaping the nature of work and employment. In our video the Work Foundation, Skills for Care, and the British Chamber of Commerce discuss:

  • what kinds of jobs these technologies will replace or create
  • what skills will be needed
  • how will we lead and manage a different workforce that engages with our customers in new and different ways.

Also, Aylesbury Vale and Southend Councils share with us how going digital is changing their workplaces.   

Watch our video to discover how the increasing digitisation and automation in the transformation of our services is affecting the very nature of what it means to work for a council and see if robots really are stealing our jobs.

Read more about the work our experts discussed in the video

Aylesbury Vale District Council

Aylesbury Vale District Council has been implementing an innovative and ambitious digital transformation journey to meet their changing and challenging customer needs in very different ways. But what does this mean for their workforce? Maryvonne Hassall, the council’s Digital Strategy Lead, tells us about how they have been changing their leadership and employee models as part of a cultural shift to support this far-reaching transformation. Watch the video.

How the LGA is supporting local authorities with their digital and workforce transformations