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Bright Futures: Hannah's story

"I was 14 when my mum took me to the GP for the first time. She was worried as I was self-harming, but the doctor assured her the cuts were just superficial and that I wasn’t distressed enough to need help."

New conversations 2: LGA Guide to Engagement

These are potentially daunting times for local government. Expectations are rising and budgets getting smaller. Services are better, but trust in many institutions is falling. In this context, a serious effort to involve and understand residents is more important than ever.

Surpassing expectations

Engagement is now central to how councils operate. Gone are the days of press release blasts and tick-box consultations.

Commissioning resources

Commissioning effectively starts with a deep understanding of citizens and communities, ensuring services are designed and delivered according to their needs, aspirations and experiences.

Engagement in action

When compiling the first New Conversations guide, we ran pilots in Hackney, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), Staffordshire and Harlow to test new techniques.