Local Government Association

We are the national voice of local government, working with councils to support, promote and improve

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Improvement and assurance framework for local government

We aim to map the various elements that provide assurance of the performance of local government and to demonstrate how they all fit together. We hope that this framework will be useful both for councils and the public.

Local Government Data Maturity Assessment Tool

Our Local Government Data Maturity Assessment Tool enables you to build a shared understanding of how well your local authority uses data. Based on the new Local Government Data Maturity Model it is easy to use and quick to complete.

Data on asylum and resettlement

The LGA is working with Government to improve access to data on asylum and resettlement so councils can both plan and monitor impacts. Details of currently published data by scheme is outlined on this page.

Advanced predictive analytics support

Our advanced and predictive analytics network (APAN) provides a place for analysts to discuss issues, share ideas and learn from each other. Through the network we also run webinars and share resources, guidance and development opportunities.

Local government pay 2023-24

Agreement has today been reached on the 2023 pay award for local government services (‘Green Book’) employees. In order for the NJC to reach formal collective agreements, its Constitution requires a majority on each Side of the NJC to be in favour. Representation (with voting rights) on the Trade Union Side is determined on the basis of membership size: UNISON has 31 seats, GMB has 16 and Unite has 11.