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LGA responds to PAC report into DWP support for employment during the pandemic

"With adequate resourcing and powers and the ability to work in partnership with national government and others at an earlier stage in planning provision, councils can help well-intended but often disconnected national schemes move people into work, and keep businesses recruiting."

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LGA: Councils need to be at heart of levelling up ambitions

“The Skills and Post-16 Education Bill should be used as an opportunity to tackle our fragmented employment and skills system, with a greater role for councils and employers to help create jobs and training opportunities in their local communities."

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LGA responds to NAO report into DWP pandemic support

“Councils want to build on this success to ensure local communities benefit more from national schemes."

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2021 Local Government Apprentice of the Year announced

Karla Overington, Business Administration Apprentice at West Sussex County Council has been named as the 2021 Local Government Apprentice of the Year.

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Addressing post-pandemic long-term unemployment needs targeted local solutions

“As democratically elected leaders and place shapers, local government is the natural partner of central government and is ideally placed to try and ensure that those out of work as a result of the pandemic are supported back into employment as quickly as possible.”

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LGA responds to Skills for Jobs white paper

The LGA have commented on a proposed Skills for Jobs White Paper, which aims to reform education post-16

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LGA responds to Spending Review Restart programme for long term unemployed

Cllr Sir Richard Leese, Chair of the Local Government Association’s City Regions board, comments on the Government’s new £2.9 billion Restart programme to support the long term unemployed back into employment.

A woman on a laptop searching for a job

COBRA-style action needed to save 'lost generation' of young people

The Government needs to use the Spending Review to devolve careers advice, post-16 and skills budgets and powers to local areas. This would allow councils, schools, colleges and employers to work together to improve provision for young people so that they can get on in life.


LGA launches Return to Work campaigns to support professionals back into work

Three Return to Work campaigns – focusing on ICT, planning and legal – will identify and provide skilled professionals with free training or resources, so they can restart their highly-valued roles and support councils with their COVID-19 recovery strategies.


LGA responds to Prime Minister's training and skills announcement

“It is right that courses should target employers but they also must respond to the needs of different local areas, with a strong role for councils, combined authorities as well as colleges."