Medway: Home First

Home First is an initiative developed through the partnership of Medway Foundation Trust Hospital, Medway CCG, Medway Council and Medway Community Healthcare. It provides support for patients medically fit to be discharged, but who still require additional home support. This example of a local initiative forms part of our managing transfers of care resource.

Patients receive a full assessment in their own home, within two hours of leaving the hospital. An occupational therapist will discuss with the patient what social and/or health care is needed to help their recovery. A care plan is then jointly agreed, which might include equipment to restore patients back to their daily routine of getting around the home, support with preparing meals or regular home visits from a healthcare professional.

In less than a year Home First helped over 1,000 patients to get back home quickly. The approach has been a success because it brings together health and social care services to deliver more joined-up personal services with staff providing care and working as part of the same team.


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This case study is an example of the High Impact Change Model (Change 4): Home First.