Childhood Obesity Trailblazer Programme

This three year programme asks councils to lead innovative action in their local community to tackle childhood obesity.

One in ten children are already overweight or obese on entering Reception. This rises to one in five in Year 6 with boys more likely to be classed as obese. There is a ‘deprivation gap’ with children from deprived areas more than twice as likely to be obese and more than four times as likely to be severely obese than children in the least deprived areas.

The Government published the second chapter of the Childhood Obesity: Plan for action in June 2018, setting out the ambition to halve childhood obesity and significantly reduce the gap in obesity between children from the most and least deprived areas by 2030.

Councils have a vital role to play to tackle childhood obesity but there can be significant obstacles. To address this, Government committed to a three year trailblazer programme to work with council-led projects in England to tackle childhood obesity at a local level, with a particular focus on inequalities.

As a council, if you are looking to take bold, innovative action, to address one of the biggest public health problems this country faces please read on.

The trailblazer programme aims to:

  • Test the limits of existing powers through innovative and determined action to tackle childhood obesity;
  • Share learning and best practice to encourage wider local action; and
  • Develop solutions to local obstacles and consider further actions government can take to enable ambitious local action and achieve change at scale.

We invite expressions of interest for a discovery phase which will run for twelve weeks from January to April 2019. Up to twelve councils will be selected to undertake discovery and will receive funding of £10,000 and support from a delivery support partner to develop a detailed, tailored proposal for the full three year programme.

The three year trailblazer programme will commence in May 2019, with up to five sites selected to lead projects to implement their plans. Over the three years, trailblazer authorities will develop, deliver, review and expand their plans. Each trailblazer authority will receive £100,000 worth of funding and project support each year to progress their project. This will include government expert support, subject matter expertise, and service design support from the delivery support partner.

The expression of interest window has now closed. If you have any question please contact

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