Council assurance and peer support

We offer a menu of programmes to support councils to harness opportunities and drive improvements. These include our range of peer challenges (including corporate peer challenges) and bespoke support offers delivered by expert peers and regional teams who support councils to deliver the best for their communities.

Through our regional teams and our peer support programmes we offer councils tools and support to drive improvements and deliver on local ambitions.

Our corporate peer challenges and service-specific peer challenges provide councils with opportunities to gain insights and enhance performance across service areas.

We also provide a comprehensive range of bespoke support options, covering areas such as governance and changes in political leadership, as well as further support for councillors and officers to address issues around intimidation, abuse and harassment through our Civility in public life programme.

Our regional teams and our peer support programmes are available to all councils and through these we have a strong record of delivering positive impacts. The value of these programmes is underpinned by:

  • experienced peers who have current or previous experience in the sector
  • extensive regional improvement networks comprising expert regional teams, member peers and political group offices.

Together, these groups of experts provide challenge, advice and support to help councils to address their priorities.

To find out more about this support offer, please contact the principal adviser for your region.