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Police staff council earnings survey 2023

The survey was sent to police forces in England and Wales in order to inform on-going national negotiations by providing accurate and up to date information about the composition of the workforce and provide a means for costing claims, offers and their consequences.

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Key findings

  • An estimated 73,348 police staff (headcount) were employed by the 41 forces covered by the survey, equivalent to 67,488 full-time staff; 76 per cent were full-time and 24 per cent part-time
  • 63 per cent of staff were female, 88 per cent were white, 67 per cent were aged 25-54, and 8 per cent were reported as having a disability
  • 91 per cent of staff were paid on the PSC spine, most commonly on points 17 (15 per cent) or 21 (11 per cent)
  • The average annual FTE basic salary was £30,007, slightly higher among full-time staff (£30,552) than part-time staff (27,514), and among male staff (£31,273) than female staff (£29,228)
  • Around 45 per cent of full-time staff and 37 per cent of part-time staff received pay for unsocial/irregular hours or shift work during the pay period, and around a quarter received additional hours pay
  • The total basic paybill was £2,037m, additional pay added a further £258m (11 per cent), giving a total gross paybill of £2,295m.