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Provision of mental health services for care leavers: transition to adult services

The overall aim of the research is to examine the extent to which developments since the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 have improved outcomes for young people leaving care, particularly those with mental health issues.

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Social care staff

The Information Centre for Health and Social care collect an annual return of local government social care staffing - the SSDS001.

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A place to grow: supplementary document to 'Growing in the community'

This supplementary document, which should be read in conjunction with Growing in the community, the existing good practice guidance for allotment officers, is aimed at helping local authorities minimise the length of time an individual has to wait before getting a space to grow.

The health of the public

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Building successful Healthwatch organisations

Local authorities are responsible for commissioning Healthwatch and are embracing this challenge with increasing energy and enthusiasm. The case studies in this report are intended to provide a flavour of some of the good work and innovative practice-taking place.

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Ripe for reform: the sector agrees, now the public expects – A guide to the care and support white paper

The Local Government Association (LGA) has long campaigned for reform of our care and support system and we believe we are edging closer to seeing real, tangible change for the better. The forthcoming white paper will be the next important milestone on this journey and we want to use its publication to continue building the momentum for reform.

Developing effective local Healthwatch

Within the context of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 a number of key sectors have come together to provide effective leadership and support for the successful implementation of local Healthwatch (LHW).

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Local Healthwatch: LGA offer of support and development

Local authorities have a significant role to play in being proactively supportive of the aims and ambitions of Local Healthwatch and in being seen to be supportive of it at both a strategic level and at the ‘frontline'.

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Making an impact with Healthwatch

Local authorities are commissioning new local Healthwatch organisations (LHWO) and existing and potential providers are formulating their ideas on what the shape of the new service should be. This discussion paper considers the impact that Healthwatch should make and how it might need to work in order to succeed.

Establishing Local Healthwatch: engaging with children and young people

Establishing local Healthwatch (LHW) is a series of briefings produced by the LGA to assist local authorities and their partners in local communities and the NHS to support the commissioning, setting up and early development of local Healthwatch.

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Make It Local

To deliver priorities for the public the Government needs to #MakeItLocal

Make It Local

By the start of 2025, we will have had a general election. This is a moment of opportunity.


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