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A shared commitment: Local government and the Spending Review

A strong partnership with local government will support the Government in tackling the significant challenge of reducing the national deficit over the period of this Parliament, while at the same time ensuring the quality front line services that the public want and need. This partnership can be based on a shared commitment to achieving agreed outcomes in three areas:

applying a reward strategy front cover

Applying a reward strategy in local government

This publication is aimed at councils considering their approach to reward to help them frame their reward strategy in the context of their organisational challenges

Business rates avoidance survey thumbnail

Business Rates Avoidance

Summary of survey findings and recommendations.

Business rates avoidance survey report thumbnail

Business Rates Avoidance Survey Report 2019

In July 2019 the LGA surveyed councils responsible for collecting business rates to gather information about estimated amounts lost to avoidance in their local areas, the different types of avoidance, and to seek their opinions on possible measures to mitigate against avoidance.

rethinking public finances front cover

Comprehensive Spending Review 2020: LGA submission

This submission, separated into five distinct chapters, sets out how local government can act as the driver to achieve shared priorities between central and local government.

Conditional fee agreements

An advice and best practice guide for councils Local authorities are feeling the financial pinch due to a continuing trend in spurious compensation claims. This guide provides advice to councils on how to tackle this increasing problem, with case study examples highlighting best and worst practice. This publication was originally published on 1 July 2004

Councils and E-commerce thumbnail

Councils and E-Commerce: The why, what and how of a Local E-Commerce Levy

This report is intended to inform and promote the debate on a Local E-Commerce Levy and does not represent LGA policy.

Don't be left in the dark: What localised business rates mean for your council: a guide to business rates retention

In 2015, the Chancellor announced that local government as a whole would be able to keep 100 per cent of business rates by 2020.

Empowering communities and making the most of local assets – a guide for officers

We know that local people in communities across the country are concerned about losing local assets and services – from inner-city community centres to village pubs and post offices.

Future funding outlook for councils 2019/20 – interim 2015 report

Councils are continuing to balance their budgets and fulfil their statutory obligations as well as delivering a range of services to promote growth and community cohesion. Each year they close the funding gap in the face of funding cuts and expenditure pressures.

Build back local

To build back better, we must build back local.

Build back local: Building back better

Read the full 2021 LGA Annual Conference paper.


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