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Beyond Hackitt: protecting the vulnerable in the years ahead COVER

Beyond Hackitt: protecting the vulnerable in the years ahead

We are coming to the end of a period of intense activity in the fire and rescue sector, but one common factor remains unchanged – our sector’s dedication to protecting the vulnerable, whether locally or nationally, from fire or from other danger.


Fire Vision 2024

What will 21st century fire and rescue services look like in 2024?


An inclusive fire service - recruitment and inclusion

We are determined to be a service that reflects the communities it serves.


An inclusive service: the twenty-first century fire and rescue service

Setting out the changing role of a firefighter


Automatic fire sprinklers – A toolkit for local authorities

This toolkit is a guide for both officers and members on fire sprinklers. It provides information on how they operate, what their benefits are and how they are installed. It also offers information to members and officers to help them lobby within their own organisations, helping them to advocate the merits of sprinklers whilst dispelling some of the myths that have built up.

Fire and Rescue Service recruitment survey 2016

This online survey of chief fire officers and chief executives looked at recruitment in the fire and rescue service.


Beyond fighting fires 2

Fire and rescue service transformation


Beyond fighting fires: The role of the fire and rescue service in improving the public's health

Fire and rescue authorities (FRAs) have a key role to play in ensuring that their communities are safe through responding to emergencies and also through their extensive preventative work.


The Fire and Rescue Service: Making our Nation Safer

‘Investing in our nation's future: The first 100 days of the next government' was launched last year by the LGA. It set out the challenges any new government will face in May 2015 and provided a local government offer that will help them deal with the most pressing issues.


Leadership essentials: Fire and Rescue programme

This programme is aimed at helping elected members with leading roles on fire and rescue authorities/ county councils to become more effective leaders of improvement. Benefits of attending will include opportunities to:

Councillor development