Spending Review 2021

This Spending Review presents an opportunity to reset public spending in a way that is fit for the future, flexible to allow for the delivery of local priorities, and empowers councils to achieve the ambition for our communities that central and local government share.

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Our 2021 Spending Review submission

Our full Spending Review 2021 submission is now available to download. It is organised into six priority themes setting out how local government can act as the driver to achieve our shared priorities with central government:

  • Priority 1 - A strong and certain financial foundation
  • Priority 2 - Adult social care and public health
  • Priority 3 - Investing communities and tackling health inequalities
  • Priority 4 - Reaching net zero
  • Priority 5 - Education and children's social care
  • Priority 6 - Building back local economies

In addition, we have also published a series of departmental supplements with further suggestions on how local government can work with all parts of Whitehall to deliver policy. They can be downloaded via the links below:

Spending Review in focus