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Transforming public services, using technology and digital tools and approaches

The LGA commissioned research to capture examples of where councils have used technology and digital tools and approaches to deliver services that are better targeted and more efficient.

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Leadership essentials: Fire and Rescue programme

This programme is aimed at helping elected members with leading roles on fire and rescue authorities/ county councils to become more effective leaders of improvement. Benefits of attending will include opportunities to:

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The Health and Wellbeing System Improvement Programme June 2014

2013/14 has been a busy and challenging first year of operation for all Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs) and their local systems. There is an overwhelming sense – articulated in a number of independent reports published in late 2013 – that the transfer of public health has gone well in all 152 areas, and that all HWBs have made a strong and enthusiastic start.

Care providers and the Mental Capacity Act 2005

The LGA, NHS England and the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) have published this briefing paper for members of care providers' boards. This is aimed at supporting providers to apply the MCA in the right way and to help ensure that the legal rights of those who may lack capacity are upheld and that the individual is at the heart of decision-making.   

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National Census of Local Authority Councillors 2013

The report of the seventh census of local authority councillors in England has been published.

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A councillor's guide to the health system in England

This guide provides a quick introduction to the health and social care system since the reforms of 2012 for all councillors who do not lead on health issues.

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Healthy homes, healthy lives

Councils all over the country understand how the quality of housing affects the health and wellbeing of their residents. Poor housing costs the NHS at least £2.5 billion a year in treating people with illnesses directly linked to living in cold, damp and dangerous homes.

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Councils supporting youth transitions into work and learning

Councils supporting youth transitions into work and learning

The examples demonstrate how councils have been able to reduce 16 to 18-year-old disengagement to an all-time low and increasingly support older young people towards work. Evidence demonstrates the value of creating personal advisers for individuals, planning provision across places, and brokering leadership and support into work.

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Under pressure – How councils are planning for future cuts

Councils are currently half way through a scheduled 40 per cent cut in funding from central government. Having delivered £10 billion of savings in the three years from 2011/12, local authorities have to find the same savings again in the next two years.

Local Healthwatch Reflective Audit

This local Healthwatch Reflective Audit has been developed to help you understand how well local Healthwatch is working in your local area. It also helps you understand whether other organisations are introducing changes as a result of working with local Healthwatch.

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Make It Local

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Make It Local

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