Use our template behavioural insight letters and tools

You can find the tools which other authorities have used to successfully nudge residents towards social good.

COVID-19 response

Aims: The first is to support home workers during the COVID-19 outbreak as they adjust to working from home. This includes assistance with home-schooling for parents who have these new responsibilities. A second aim of the project is to mobilise citizens living in North Yorkshire to support and volunteer in their local community during the pandemic.

What is the nudge?: Supporting citizens in North Yorkshire through Covid-19

Uptake of cancer screening

Aim: Increase the number of people taking up the bowel cancer screening programme

What is the nudge?: BI cancer screening letter

Fire and rescue

Aim: To reduce the number of accidental fires in the home

What is the nudge?: A series of messages to people after they may have consumed alcohol on a night out

Garden waste

Aim: Increase the take-up of payment by annual direct debit for the garden waste collection in order to reduce processing and chasing costs, specifically around cheques - the most costly method of payment for the council.

What is the nudge?: Final DD customer letter and Final Non DD renewal letter with attached payment methods


Aim: Reduce the number of people relying on the depleting council housing stock and direct those who can, towards private rented housing.

What is the nudge? A personal housing action plan letter

Public health

Aim: Improve treatment uptake amongst individuals who require support for drug and alcohol misuse.

What is the nudge? Appointment cards, text reminders and displaying the cost of a missed appointment 

Public health

Aim: To decrease the number of people buying fizzy drinks from a hospital cafe

What is the nudge? A large red ‘stop’ sign

Domestic violence

Aim: To increase the number of domestic abuse victims taking up support services

What is the nudge? A contact information card for victims of domestic abuse

Public health

Aim: To encourage students to swap sugary food items with more healthy ones in school canteens

What is the nudge? A series of messages personalised to each student to encourage healthier eating

Adult social care

Aim: To increase the number of people who have assistive technology installed in their home, where appropriate.

What is the nudge? A behaviourally informed leaflet for service users and a handout for social workers

Children's social care

Aim: Shift demand for Special Educational Needs (SEN) transport from direct transport to alternative travel options by redesigning communications.

What are the nudges? A series of behaviourally informed emails to schools

Children’s social care

Aim: To reduce the number of children and young people with Education, Health and Care Plans, where appropriate.

What are the nudges? A bank of changes to the way in which Warrington run their Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Panel (Appendices 1 - 8)

Adult social care

Aim: To increase the number of people paying their adult social care invoice.

What are the nudges? A series of notice to pay and reminder letters about when and how to pay (A series of notice to pay and reminder letters about when and how to pay).

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