Transformation masterclasses

Our virtual Transformation masterclasses will bring together council officers from across England to share ideas and solutions on the transformation of local government service delivery.

Are you a council officer who has responsibility for delivering your council's ambitions for transformation? Sign up for one of our Transformation masterclasses to hear from councils delivering innovative change and transformation programmes with plenty of opportunities for collaboration, discussion, and support. Each masterclass will:

  • highlight an example of notable practice to guide participants through the process of how councils deliver widespread transformation and change programmes
  • offer a different perspective on transformation to provide understanding into various methodologies and practical guidance to support replication and scaling of notable transformation practices.

Masterclasses are open to English council officers, free of charge. Masterclasses will last a maximum of two hours and be hosted on Microsoft Teams.

Bookings are now open for the following masterclasses, with more to follow as they are confirmed:

Community focused transformation

Wednesday 25 October 2023, 12.00pm – 1.45pm | councillors and officers | virtual

Incorporating communities in decision-making increases the accountability and effectiveness of service delivery and is a necessity for delivering modern services for local government and the communities they serve. This session will feature a ‘spotlight on’ presentation and a roundtable discussion on how collaborating with residents, staff and communities is essential to transformation and change programmes.

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Delivering transformation and measuring impact – how do we know we’ve transformed? | councillors and officers | virtual

Wednesday 22 November, 12.00pm–2.00pm

Evaluating the value and impact of a project is important. It can help secure further funding, make the difference as to whether work continues, and justify the scaling up of successful solutions. This session will explore how councils can create data baselines and measure outcomes to realise the benefits of change programmes.

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How to get the best from working with your strategic transformation partners                                                                      

Thursday 7 December, 10.00am–12.00pm | officers | virtual

Collaboration is essential for councils looking to achieve transformation goals, with strategic partnerships being a common method for councils to implement transformation in cost-effective and innovative ways. This session will feature presentations and a roundtable discussion on working with strategic partners to deliver transformation.

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Councils taking part in our Transformation masterclasses will benefit from:

  • learning from the different approaches to transformation taken by councils across the country
  • developing officer understanding of the processes, tools, and structures to effectively establish and deliver transformation projects
  • analysing and comparing their work with notable practice from other councils’ transformation activity
  • building their network of other council transformation lead officers
  • providing participants with knowledge of the key transformation principles that other councils have put in place to tackle transformation challenges and opportunities.

Who are the masterclasses for? – our expectations for delegates

Our virtual Transformation masterclasses are aimed at council officers working on transformation activities at councils in England, who:

  • have the capacity to undertake the training, which will include a commitment to attending the masterclass and completing satisfaction surveys afterwards
  • are willing to share your learning and experiences from the programme within your own council and with other councils across the country  
  • will contribute positively to all the sessions and workshops
  • are open to participating in additional LGA transformation improvement activities such as our Transformation Network, Transformation Experts programme, matching service, or our Transformation workshops.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]