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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Central Bedfordshire Council a digital social care workforce

Care technology when considered as part of a holistic support offer means it can be used effectively to support people’s independence and positively impact on their lives.

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North East regional approach to digital workforce skills

The North East saw a common challenge across their staff and working together with the TSA have been able to implement a regional wide approach to upskilling staff in digital and technology skills. This upskilling of staff has resulted in increased confidence as reported by staff and an increase in care technology referrals.

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Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council: Workforce development case study

This case study outlines plans and initiatives set out and used by Tameside MBC to grow and develop a workforce that is adept at being responsive to the diverse needs of Tameside residents.

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Wiltshire Council, Assurance case study

The council has developed a Cabinet Tracker to ensure effective oversight, consideration by relevant officers across the council and sign off of all Cabinet reports.

North West Leicestershire District Council, Assurance case study

Both members and officers understand that good governance is important to both the political and managerial leadership of the council.

Essex County Council, Assurance case study

Council-wide assurance means having mechanisms in place to ensure evidence-based, sound, and transparent decision making. Within Essex, this takes place in multiple ways.

Hackney early interaction project

The Hackney Early Interaction Project is a pilot project which has gathered and applied learning on how local services can best facilitate children’s early language development. The project has taken a deep dive in to one neighbourhood in the London Borough of Hackney, by mapping and building on the strengths of current local systems to enhance the universal and early language offer in the community. The Hackney Early Interaction project has been funded through the North-East London Integrated Commissioning Board (NEL ICB) Place Based Partnership from September 2022-March 2024.

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Tackling the increase of empty properties through proactive engagement

The number of long-term empty homes has increased in the Braintree district by 46% over the past 3 years. Braintree District Council is working to engage proactively with homeowners to address the issue of empty homes and bring more into use wherever possible.

Luton Borough Council: A fresh approach to contingent recruitment

When the contract to supply temporary staff came up for renewal, Luton Borough Council reviewed the existing approach against three priorities – ability to: generate additional savings, reinvest savings in council services, and to strengthen the permanent workforce.

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Increasing uptake of the Healthy Start scheme in Hounslow

In January 2022, the uptake rate of the Healthy Start scheme in Hounslow was 49 per cent After implementing a series of awareness raising and educational interventions, the uptake was 57% in January 2023. Following another year of more targeted promotion of the scheme, the uptake was 71 per cent in 2024.

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