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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Girls Can

Active Together has developed a full women’s health offer through our local programme LLR Girls Can (Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Girls Can).

Let’s Get Moving – Step into Fitness

Let’s Get Moving Step into Fitness sessions are aimed at inactive women.

This Girl Can – exercise to music class

This Girl Can (TGC) is Sport England's behaviour change campaign, aimed at encouraging women to become more active. North West Leicestershire District Council signed up to TGC exercise to music programme utilising pre-choreographed classes aimed specifically at women to deliver a class once per week.

Let’s Get Moving Awards 2023, and free kick fitness

The North West Leicestershire Let’s Get Moving Awards are held annually to celebrate the physical activity and sporting achievements of residents in the district and also encourage other residents to become active.

Girls Active

Insights showed that girls from Black and South Asian communities and/or from families living on low incomes have disproportionately lower levels of engagement and participation in physical activity.

The Legacy Project - Empowering Women in Wrestling

British Wrestling formed The Legacy Project in 2022 to provide grassroots support to communities to help get them involved in wrestling.

Swim for Confidence

As part of ‘This Girl Can Nottingham’ we understood there was a demand from the South Asian & Muslim community to learn to swim

Advancing perinatal and infant mental health care in County Durham: A health visiting initiative

In response to perinatal and infant mental health challenges, Durham County Council's commissioned health visiting service has significantly advanced its care delivery through a skill mix model and the introduction of specialised roles.

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Evolving care in Hertfordshire: A unified approach to family health

This case study delves into Hertfordshire's strategic integration of health visiting and family support services to optimise the Healthy Child Programme. It outlines initiatives aimed at strengthening mental health support from the antenatal period to school age, enhancing workforce development, and providing targeted care for children with SEND.

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Lancashire's holistic approach to school readiness

Spanning 12 distinct districts, Lancashire’s health visiting service operates across a vast geographical region reaching into rural, urban, diverse and deprived areas.

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