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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Coventry: Taking a whole-family approach to youth justice

The publication of the Punishing Abuse report in the West Midlands sparked Coventry Youth Justice Service to think about how to take a whole family approach to supporting young people involved in the criminal justice system, in recognition of the fact that families and wider networks are a key factor in reducing reoffending and meeting young people’s underlying needs.

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West Berkshire: Focusing on education and positive activity to support children in the youth justice system

West Berkshire has been using a focus on engagement in positive activities, education, training and employment to prevent reoffending and improve outcomes for children working with the Youth Offending Team.

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Greater Manchester: Using police data to support 'invisible' children at risk of offending

A police-led pilot initially run in Tameside and Bury and now operating across Greater Manchester seeks to use police data in collaboration with youth justice services and local authority children’s services in order to make ‘invisible’ children in need of support, visible.

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Ringfenced apprenticeships for young people facing barriers to employment

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council has ringfenced apprenticeship and work experience opportunities through the council’s ‘inclusive offer’, a scheme which creates opportunities for young people who need extra support to benefit from work.

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Swindon: Supporting identity shift as a pathway out of the youth justice system

Swindon combined a case formulation approach with a focus on identity and its link to offending, to promote interventions with young people which moved away from ‘managing risk’ to supporting them to develop a pro-social identity which naturally shifted them away from risk and offending behaviour.

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Tree Canopy Cover Survey and Planting Strategy

Babergh and Mid Suffolk used the National Tree Map to establish tree canopy cover across both predominantly rural districts, allowing them to understand tree cover to ward level and spatially, along with the value of benefits trees provide us with.

Embedding an EV car club into targeted neighbourhoods

Newcastle City Council’s Net Zero Team and Strategic Transport Team collaborated with Northumbria University and CoWheels, to determine whether it was feasible to deploy an EV car club vehicle into a targeted neighbourhood in the Elswick Ward of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council: Inclusive entry-level positions

Barnsley Council’s ‘inclusive offer’ creates opportunities for young people who need extra support to benefit from work.

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Fylde Coast Health and Social Care Career Academy

The Fylde Coast Health and Social Care Career Academy is a result of the partnership between local care providers, Blackpool and The Fylde College, Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Blackpool Council.

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‘We Care Academy’ Leeds City Council  

Leeds City Council has a clear focus on the social care workforce, its aim is to support the social care workforce to have the best skills, founded upon high quality research and evidence that improves the health and wellbeing of the people of Leeds. In order to deliver an effective, skilled social care workforce in Leeds, the DASS has invested in the organisational and workforce development team to deliver a range of services.

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